Ryan Gerber is a Creative Director

Hello, I'm Ryan

Hello, I'm Ryan

... and no, that is not me practicing the deadly art of snake fist. It's actually Jackie Chan in one of my favorite martial arts title sequences for Snake In The Eagles Shadow

I am a freelance Creative Director, Art Director & Writer based in Los Angeles. I was born and raised on islands (Guam & Hawaii specifically) and I lived in China for about 4 years, so I'm quite fond of doing international sorts of things.

I've worked at places like W+K and R/GA, so there is that. I've seen Iron Maiden in concert 4 times and was at the very last Slayer concert at the Forum. It was actually quite emotional. I also died once and it's a pretty cool story. On occasion I work as a Film Director & Photographer. And I own a small creative consultancy and wandering ad agency called Horses & Mules.

This is my CV. 

and my email.
Here are those other sites:


(Film Director & Photographer)
(Creative Consultancy)

including a very odd personal site:

The video above was a very touching farewell video that was made for me upon my exit at R/GA. In it, Nick Law calls me an asshole, which is pretty adorable. 🤟🏼

In closing. 

Please say hello and let's make some cool shit together.

This site is a constant work in progress. So if you click on something and it doesn't work. I apologize in advanced.